Emerging Themes in Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes test

Health institutions estimate that the US experiences seventy five thousand deaths resulting from diabetes each year. Type 2 diabetes is one of the types of diabetes that are responsible for the deaths. This type of diabetes creates an extra expense on public health. An emergent issue in this case shows that the health department does not have a blood glucose monitor therefore; it is not possible to get information on whether the patients receive the appropriate diabetes care. It is emerging that there are particular moral and ethical issues of concern relating to the end of life care of diabetes.

However, diabetes blood test appear to be the best options for the first time patients. This includes among others specific assistance to patients to reduce weight, reduction of calories, pharmacotherapy, and increased physical activity. All these options fall under structured lifestyle programs. The health department needs to carry out an all-inclusive approach to managing Type 2 diabetes condition. In this method, new mechanisms will involve integration of the community, health policies, and practices when implementing primary prevention strategies.

Structuring the lifestyle of people is important because it reduces morbidity and premature deaths brought by Type 2 diabetes. Effective management entails giving the community a chance to participate in public health care, which is an integrative primary prevention methodology. This approach puts the strength of countering the Type 2 diabetes at the community level where the health department empowers people to take care of their health conditions.

Primary health care prevention measures reduce the extra expense that diabetes puts on the public. The burden incurred by the public justifies their involvement in prevention measures. It is also essential to note at this level that the cost of treating Type 2 diabetes and maintaining the condition is excessively high and many people may not afford. Furthermore, the cost of treating Type 2 diabetes may redirect a large portion of income from other core functions.

The blood glucose test has harmful side effects including causing hypoglycemia. These issues pose a challenge to people who cannot easily access medical care. Considering these facts, it is relevant that the health department involves the community in preventing the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes. Preventing Type 2 diabetes by modification of lifestyles comes with secondary benefits to the community. Following the approach reduces chances of getting certain cancer and heart diseases, low risks of hyperlipidemia, and hypertension. Public health officers have a high capacity than medical professionals do when handling healthy lifestyle issues. Integrating primary healthcare prevention measures with public healthcare improvement strategies leads to low levels of disparities that often appear in racial forms, economic statuses, and social groupings.


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